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Angelic Manifestation: When Angels Appear!


When needed, angels sometimes manifest – often in actual physical forms as humans – to bring divine messages of guidance and encouragement, or even deliverance from harm.  Sometimes they appear as a light being with an indistinguishable face, or physically manifest to intervene, yet often go unseen. I’ve experienced many such miracles myself. Only a couple of years ago, I was physically pulled back by someone when I almost stepped in front of a moving car. The car was flying down the street at break-neck speed, so I never saw them coming. The white sports car whipped past my face in a blur by mere inches, while the alarming feeling of powerful, very large hands pulled me backwards, preventing me from taking another step. I turned to see who saved my life and no one was there, though I could still feel large hands holding my shoulders tight. I stood shaking in confusion and shock for several minutes, processing what just happened. Tears are welling in my eyes as I tell you this, I’m so filled with gratitude. I would have been killed for certain. But it wasn’t the first time I’ve been delivered by angels; I’ve had countless dramatic interventions in my life, since earliest childhood.  When angels physically manifest, it’s a whole other level of the miraculous. Yet it’s who they are…simply what their purpose is on this earth. They are our protectors and guardians who love us deeply, with the passionate heart of our Divine creator.

Most don’t realize they are actually talking to an angel, though there’s something “different” about the person they’re conversing with. In human form they can appear like an average human yet something feels odd, even disturbing (lol read another encounter of mine below.)  Other times they’re absolutely striking, unusual and dramatic in appearance. They either have an important message, intervene to protect you (which you’re unaware of most of the time) or simply help you with an ordinary task, or maybe even make you laugh (their favorite pass time.)  Messenger angels manifest in human form and seem to appear out of no where – leaving almost as quickly – without a trace. You are definitely left with the feeling you had an unusual encounter and later it will hit you, if open to the concept of angels, you were conversing with one. There really is no doubting once you encounter them in the “flesh.” They have a very strong presence, no matter how human they may appear…you know they are something more. You are left with a profound feeling something miraculous just happened. Miracles certainly, also follow such events. You are, in fact, changed by this experience.  I’ve encountered many angelic manifestations throughout my life, which I will be sharing more about.

For now I’ll share this one.

One day I was feeling discouraged, even hopeless, about an extremely important situation. On my way somewhere, walking down the street, I encountered a striking Rastafarian man. A chill ran through me at first glimpse. I mean, this dude was HUGE. The impressive man towered over the crowd bustling along the busy, downtown street. He was at least 7 feet tall, maybe taller. He had extremely long, dark dreadlocks, brilliant bronze skin and a very long multi-colored coat – like Joseph’s coat of many colors in the Bible – so intricate each thread was a different color and the colors were brilliant. I didn’t seem possible such a garment could exist, nothing on earth that could create such a robe. To my dismay, the man was walking straight toward me, staring directly at me…eyes glued to mine….as if no one else was around. I knew he was going to talk to me (whomever this striking man was) and I was a little…terrified…so considered turning and running…but I couldn’t look away while he approached with his long, confident stride. When he stopped in front of me, up close he was even more spectacular; he was beautiful beyond words and he smiled the most radiant grin of joy, his eyes shining with unearthly love and laughter, his skin gleaming the most gorgeous shade of bronze. I wanted to reach out and touch him, to see if he was real.  Yet I easily refrained.

After flashing me another gorgeous smile with the whitest, most perfect teeth, he sang to me (in a strong Jamaican accent ) “Nothing is impossible with God.”

That was all he said…well, sang. Though to be exact it sounded like “Nottin it impottible wit God” so that’s how I sing it, when his little ditty comes to mind. It never fails to uplift me. I’m sure those words along with that tune will be stuck in my brain forever; not a bad thing to have stuck on a loop.

Anyway, continuing my encounter…I couldn’t help but grin back at him. I needed to hear that simple yet profound message, at that exact moment. In response I blurted out “I believe that!” and he grinned even wider, then continued walking. I turned around as he strode off, his long colorful coat flowing behind him was the last glimpse I saw…and he was gone. Poof. Just like that. I glanced everywhere…he hadn’t crossed the street nor changed direction…and he certainly wasn’t lost in the crowd (considering Amazon man was 7 – 8 feet tall and wearing a vividly colorful coat which flowed to the ground.)  He hadn’t had enough time to duck into a nearby shop. Even so I rushed to each store window (there were three shops before the corner) and I peered through the glass. I ran to the corner and looked around it, no one. There were no buses or vehicles stopped. The busy street carried on, as well as the pedestrians. It wasn’t crowded, easy to see through the entire time…again, he couldn’t get lost in a crowd if he’d wanted to.  My heart was pounding so hard I could barely breathe…I knew…there was no doubt in my mind, he couldn’t be human…no doubt it was an angel. The thought was overpowering, surprising and yet absolute. I felt total peace, joy and faith from that moment on and received miracles immediately following this event. Many dreams manifested that summer, one right after another, answered prayers and miracles which changed my life.  Indeed “Nothing is impossible with God.”

As for your personal angels, your guardians, you’re able to feel their presence if you pay attention. You will even smell them at times, a heavenly perfume surrounding you and cloaking the atmosphere as if you were in the most fragrant garden (they bring the scent of heaven.) Animals and children often react to their presence, as they see them distinctly. Lights always flicker when angels enter a room, because of the energy flux. There can be strong electrical surges when Archangels are present which cause power crashes, because of their intense energy. It can wreak havoc on your electronics (not fun) or cause minor fluxes and minor technical disruptions. Flickering lights is most common, draining batteries, setting off alarms, even storms. The warrior princes do their best to shield you from the intensity of their energy, however it’s only possible to some degree. You may even find yourself trembling, hands sweating, heart pounding fast (a normal physical reaction to intense spiritual energy.) As you settle into their presence, you will become more comfortable and at peace…but yes, their energy is much stronger (and a little wilder) than the guardians. They always have a message and the Princes speak with great authority. Gabriel is a perfect example of an Archangel messenger who manifested to Mary, so she may behold him physically, telling her she will give birth to Yeshua, the Messiah.

Guardians come with a gentle essence, a whisper of sweetness, much like Holy Spirit. Their voices are soft and soothing. They wrap you in their wings and keep you safe from negative energies and entities. You will often feel their wings as a gentle wind, when there is none and see them in your peripheral vision. As messengers they may appear to you in your dreams, or “in disguise” as a physical person, always with a loving message for your safety, guidance and well-being.

Most of the time humans are unaware of angels because the brain dismisses anything which seems illogical. Even a sensitive (medium, clairvoyant, etc.) does not see into the spirit realm 24/7. Our physical being keeps us centered in this material realm so we can function on earth. If we were too aware of the spiritual realm, seeing beyond the veil 24/7, humanity wouldn’t function normally. We would be constantly distracted by the multitude of beings and their activities. However physical anomalies such as these, and other paranormal experiences, happen all the time to most of the population. We are spiritual beings and the spirit realm affects us, aware of this reality or not.

For Angel Mediums, seeing into the angelic realm is not something one controls. It’s more usual to have flashes of imagery, seeing angels in the mind’s eye. I mainly have glimpses of Archangels, since I’m strongly connected to them (the Princes have communicated with me all my life.) Each have a unique appearance yet similar characteristics. They slightly resemble humans yet far more powerful in stature and beautiful beyond comprehension. Even frightening. We are unable to see them completely, in all their fullness and glory, it would be too much for the human mind to conceive. Just a glimpse is powerful enough. They couldn’t be more opposite the usual depiction of little fat babies with wings and harps, or half-naked women in flowing gowns with impressive cleavage. They find these depictions humorous (as do I, having seen these male, god-like beings.) This doesn’t mean the Archangels are mocking us, they simply view humanity as child-like in our limited understanding. They find us amusing, like we find our children adorable in their innocent, awkward ways.

As for their true appearance, they are always shifting and transforming according to their energy and what’s happening in their present state (whatever they’re involved with spiritually in that exact moment.)  However all angels have an appearance which is unique to them, like humans do, with distinct features. Most often Archangels have long flowing hair, which is a symbol of their power (they explained to me, like Samson in the Bible.)  They have distinct styles and colors they cloak themselves in, garments of light. For instance Prince Michael is usually cloaked in turquoise blue and gold, Chamuel is cloaked in pink and a crystalline white, Sariel is cloaked mainly in silver with details of turquoise and Prince Raphael always wears emerald green and gold. I have seen some Archangels in warrior mode, wearing gold armor with the most brilliant radiance, their exposed skin appearing like burnished bronze. Others may see varying versions of their attire or appearance but their colors and identifying features are usually described the same. Their massive wings, which are pure energy, appear at times, other times they do not (when taking on their more human-like appearance.) Their wings also change in appearance and can appear bird-like or have no resemblance to wings at all. Some species of angels have many wings, some do not appear as winged creatures nor anything resembling our human concept of angels. They can be animal-like, even terrifying with multiple face and eyes, unlike anything we’re able to comprehend. UFO type anomalies and dramatic cloud formations are examples of Archangels manifesting, elementals manifest as flickering tiny lights or orbs in the atmosphere (most often in nature as they are nature spirits who are similar to angels.)

Chances are you have seen angels manifest in different forms, without being aware…or possibly you knew. If not, now you will pay more attention. 😉



Are You An Empath?

Are you an Empath? If so, you are a beautiful, powerful being who deserves respect, to be taken seriously. Highly sensitive, your brain and body processes information and energy faster than average. Your energy field (aura) is so much larger than your physical being, you absorb the atmosphere of a place, instantly reading that environment. You also absorb and transmute the emotions of others because of your profound gift of compassion (you want to eradicate all pain.) You are a soul reader. You see through people, straight to their hearts. You know when someone is being truthful or deceptive. Your supernatural abilities and gifts make you a divine healing force in this world, along with your capacity to love so selflessly and your integrity. You feel everything intensely, moved by music, love, art, beauty, emotion, often only tears can express your soul. You know things that are inexplicable to most. You remember your unearthly origin and who you truly are, dreaming nightly about your home far away, beyond the stars.  You, beautiful one, are an Earth Angel (even when this dark realm makes your wings too weary) your light is needed in this world. Keep shining brightly!



Just Who and What, Are Angels?



If you are beginning your spiritual journey, you may wonder “Just who and what are angels, exactly?” Are angels not mere creatures of fantasy and folklore, or something people become in the after life? If they’re real, why would they speak to us insignificant humans? As an Angel Medium, I want to offer you my personal, inside perspective on these mysterious beings. I hope to answer questions you may have and bring insight. I can only share from my reality, meaning experiential knowledge and what I know to be real. I believe everyone is capable of perceiving the unseen reality. Simply, some of us were born with our spiritual sensitivity  and gifts fully developed. We are known as Sensitives, Empaths or Psychics. As a natural born Sensitive, I’m mediumistic. This means I channel spiritual energy and communication from the spiritual realm, like a transmitter.  I channel only the heavenly realm, Holy Spirit and angels.  Therefore I’m  an Angel Medium. The term Angel Intuitive is also commonly used. I’ve experienced many miracles throughout my fifty years and have known the angels in a very real, powerful way (not just a hopeful “I want to believe in angels” but a knowing.)  This has been my reality.  My life. So, no…they are absolutely not fantastical creatures of folklore nor fantasy (since all medical testing has proven me sane, you’ll be happy to know lol) And no, angels are not human beings who have passed away and been given wings and a halo, for good behavior. Angels are a completely separate species from humanity. In fact there are many species of angels. I assure you, they are powerful supernatural beings. The oldest spiritual texts of the world, in every single religion, recognize the existence of angels. It’s clear from  ancient scriptures, teachings and reported visitations throughout the history of the world, they have always been involved with humanity on earth.

But why are they here?

Because of God’s profound love for us. All angels are in service to Divine Love. Angels are devoted to helping humanity on a personal, global, universal and multi-dimensional level. They were created just as we were, loved deeply by Elohim {God} just as we are. Their species existed long before humanity and they became our divine protectors, also caretakers of this earth. Without the angels we wouldn’t even be here.

There are many species of angels who dwell amongst us on earth. My strongest connection is with the Archangels, though I also work with the Malachim. The Malachim are involved in caring for humanity, all of creation and it’s creatures. They are messengers and guardians. Most angelic beings come and go between earth and the heavenly dimensions, however a guardian is always present with us on earth. Every human has many personal angels (guardians) assigned to them, not only one. They chose to be your spiritual guardians before your birth. They love you immensely as your ardent protectors and guides. Our angelic guardians watch over us our entire lives, keeping us safe, guiding us and bringing enlightenment.

Guardians and all of the angelic kingdom, are under the authority of the Archangels. They are the rulers of heaven, also other realms. They are the warrior princes known as the Elyon Bene ha’Elohim בְנֵי־הָאֱלֹהִים  “the highest sons of God.” Archangels also serve as personal guardians and guides for Lightworkers (those who do spiritual work) and Earth Angels. There are many species of angels and powerful spiritual entities, which humanity knows nothing of. Therefore, there is no such thing as an “angel expert.” I can only share from my limited human knowledge, what I have experienced and known to be true. However, those of us who are true Angel Intuitives, working with the angels for many years, will tell you “the more we know…the more we realize how little we know!” I can only tell you that angels are far more than anyone could possibly explain. It’s both humbling and an honor knowing them to the degree I do. Working with the angels and Archangels is something I don’t take lightly.

I should mention, loved ones do help care for us from the other side.  They may even show up in a session with an Angel Medium, if their communication is needed and important to the client. This has been true for me, over the years. However Angel Mediums are not Bereavement Mediums, they mainly work with angelic beings – your personal angels and the Archangels – not departed loved ones. Most often, an angel practitioner’s main concern is the human in front of them. You. Communication is focused on your present situation/s with the assistance of your personal angels, helping you move forward in your life purpose, relationships, career, etc. (whatever situation you need help with.)  A bereavement medium mainly focuses on human spirits and welcomes your departed loved ones, offering messages from them to help comfort you, heal grief, bring closure and peace. Some Angel Mediums do both intuitive counseling readings and bereavement readings.  I can tell you for a fact that angels love to be involved in readings, to assist humans on their life path. Angels desire to communicate because indeed you are significant. You are beyond precious and cherished by your Divine creator, therefore also by the heavenly hosts who serve Him.

Angels bring spiritual awareness, guiding us into deeper Truth. They help us ascend in higher consciousness. They whisper to our intuition and also impart wisdom from God. They not only communicate messages through Angel Mediums but often communicate through children, also strangers who seem to appear “out of no where” with a message and vanish as quickly. As shape shifters, angels often manifest in physical forms as humans or animals. In dreams they take on a human or animal form which converse with you and always have significance (the person or animal/totem they appear as.) Angels manifest signs of their presence in quite dramatic ways, at times, such as music coming from no apparent source.  A Ram’s horn will echo, or the most beautiful, unearthly melodies.  A paranormal phenomenon is increasingly happening around the world, a loud roar which resounds in the sky overhead (and no, it’s not thunder.) It’s much, much louder, sounding like a low flying jet yet it never fades off into the distance, the volume is consistent. Now combine the deafening roar of a jumbo jet with a hurricane (that rumbling locomotive noise) and you get it. This is a sound which goes on for about an hour, trees perfectly still (no wind) then abrupt silence. There are various dramatic sounds manifesting in the sky because the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thinning, the activity of the angels increasing here on earth. I’ll share more about this later. You’re able to listen to these sounds yourself (of the realms colliding) since many instances have been captured on video, shared on YouTube. As for other manifestations, at times feathers appear out of no where, tongues of fire appear mid air for a few seconds or  lights shimmer in the atmosphere, a bright figure in your peripheral vision or in photos, objects appearing which have personal symbolic significance (signs from heaven.) Archangels often manifest as dramatic shapes in the clouds or heavenly lights (UFOs) or appear as a figure in unexplained circumstances and the miraculous…the list goes on. I’ve experienced most of these manifestations, myself. Not all encounters are mystical or dramatic, however. Most often angels come as that still small voice, whispering God’s guidance through intuition.

It’s likely you’ve had many encounters in your lifetime. Undeniably supernatural intervention. However we all have free will and there are times they cannot intervene because of our choices. They desire only to deliver us from harm but can’t work against our free will if we choose darkness (harmful ways.)  Even so, they always work behind the scenes to help us in every possible way, with unconditional love. Their love is only a reflection of God’s passionate will to bless, protect and care for us, to help us become all we were created to be. Our creator is in love with us and desires us to know Him in a real, tangible way. This is why we were created, to experience His extravagant, unconditional, infinite love. The greatest desire of angels is to help facilitate this love relationship, guiding us ever closer to the Divine.

Our angels laugh with us, weep with us, comfort us and celebrate important moments with us. And at the end our lives, they carry our very soul, helping us pass safely from this world into our new spiritual state. That’s how deeply God loves us. We are never, ever alone.

© AngelSabbashini/2016