Frequently Asked Questions!


Welcome to the F.A.Q. page!

There are questions I’m often asked, so thought I’d address them here. I’m just getting started so this page will grow. But I have a good one to start! The most frequent one . . .

Is “Angel” Your Real Name? 

Yes, it is.  Angel means “Messenger of God” (thus “Messenger of Love” because God is Love.)  With this knowledge and intent, I changed it when I was quite young  (a very important part of my spiritual journey) so I have gone by Angel for most of my life. And soon it became my legal name.  No, I didn’t know eventually I would be working as an oracle for the angels.  I had been aware of them most of my life (throughout many miraculous circumstances) but didn’t start working with them as an Angel Oracle Card reader and Medium until after the name change, years later.  So, no . . . it wasn’t intentional.  I can’t think of a name more fitting for a Medium and Angel Oracle, however: “Messenger of God.” Names are powerful spiritually. My life truly changed for the better once I was able to embrace my identity,  gifts and yes, my new name. Changing my birth name was empowering, releasing me from a painful past and opening a door to this beautiful new life, which I now live.  I’m honored to have this name God guided me to embrace, over 20 plus years ago.






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