Before a reading it’s normal to feel nervous excitement, however you can do a few things to help ground and prepare yourself. I also mention a few important pointers to help you get the most out of your session.

If bringing more than one situation for a reading, please define your questions so they are focused on the most important situations you wish to address. I ask you keep your questions (situations needing insight) to three at most for an in depth session, if you have booked a one hour reading – two questions at most for a half hour reading and one situation/question for a three card reading (which are approx. 10 to 15 mins.) It’s best to simplify and of course to be open with the situation you bring. I need you to work with me and your angels; a successful reading is something we all do together as a team.




If you have time, the day of your appointment, I suggest you meditate before your session. It’s important to be grounded and open minded, ready to receive. Also it helps to have a light, nutritious meal an hour or so, before and be sure you’re hydrated, also have water on hand.  Your physical well being and comfort obviously helps you better tune in to spiritual information.  Be aware, any amount of alcohol and other recreational substances will only work against your session, impairing awareness and lowering your energy, physically and spiritually.  It’s important you enter a session with a clear, energetic being and mind. (If there are medications you need to take, I don’t advise against taking those!)  If you are feeling unwell please reschedule. It’s better to be in a fully receptive and aware state of being. Besides, your angels would prefer you make time for self care, so rest well. You may reschedules weeks in advance if you wish.




While meditating, center your heart in positivity so you may be receptive to Spirit. There is no definitive outcome when it comes to readings, however honesty, open mindedness and positivity influence what is able to be imparted.

We will connect the exact time of your appointment, so it’s important to be ready. I may have an appointment following yours, so can not make up time you miss, if late. Please have all unnecessary devices turned off to ensure your privacy is uninterrupted for the entire time allotted for your session.  We are not able to make up time if interrupted. You are welcome to book a session for you and a friend/family member, if both of you are receiving readings, otherwise please come alone (distractions will stop the flow of our energetic exchange.)  You will have my full attention and privacy, no one else will be listening to our conversation and confidentiality is assured.  Respectfully, I work with all information offered, I do not play guessing games, so please come to your session prepared to be honest and open about situations you bring. Secrecy and vagueness will work against your reading. As a professional I do not judge, I’m here to assist you on your life journey. I support your spiritual work and personal life with utmost respect.

*If you need to re-schedule a session, I’m happy to do so.  Please call the shop as far in advance as possible, respectfully, so we may fit someone into your time slot.  Thank you.

If it isn’t possible to narrow questions down (you have multiple or complex situations to address) or you require ongoing spiritual counseling, you may schedule more appointments.  I will let you know available dates and times, according my schedule.

Most importantly, come prepared to enjoy your session as a joyful, powerful experience with the angels! 



Much gratitude for booking my services at Heaven On Earth Intuitive Counseling.

I look forward to our session. ~ Angel Desyra