We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.


In order to participate in a reading with me, you of course must recognize you are a spiritual being. You inhabit this earthly vessel of flesh and blood temporarily, to experience this realm. This means, you are not your body…you are much more than this physical being, more than a mere compilation of atoms…you are a spiritual being with spiritual needs.  Intuitive counseling is based on this fact.  I also recognize you have the answers within you, everything you need to know to advance in life.  I’m here to help you discover those answers, while enabling interaction with your angels for deeper insight. As spiritual beings in fleshly forms, we need our angels in this earthly realm to guide us. Everything you are experiencing is effected by the realm of spirit, parallel to this physical world we dwell in. There is no separation between these dimensions, the veil is illusion. The more awakened we are (aware we are spiritual beings, fist and foremost) the more this illusion of separation from God and the realm of spirit, is realized. The illusion falls away and we begin to understand the true reality, sensing it, feeling it, knowing it (your spiritual senses become enhanced as gifts develop with this new awareness.) This enables you to tangibly, spiritually and intellectually, experience the spirit realm. Spiritual awakening also means your eyes are opened to truth, what is illusionary and what is real, in this realm.

First and foremost, know you are cherished and loved by your Heavenly Creator. You are not alone, God indwells you, your very soul is breath of God – The I AM.  You are always connected to the life source. You will know this deeper as you communicate with God. Conversing equals speaking (prayer) and listening (Meditation.)  God desires relationship with you.  Relationship equals communication.  You are significant, as much as any other, uniquely created to be exactly who you are as a divine original.  Your existence is not random. You were created for a purpose and the highest purpose is love. Accepting this knowledge will allow you to deepen your awareness and to know true peace. You are exactly where you are suppose to be, right now and moving in the direction Divine Love is calling you to.  Your angels want you to know, there is nothing to fear.  All of heaven is behind you and your heart’s desires, the dreams which were created within you before your conception. Every human soul is gifted for their unique life purpose. You are here on earth to share these gifts and be authentically you, to live your purpose and passions = a life of abundance! Christ said “I have come to give you abundant life.”  The reason Yeshua incarnated on earth is to show us the way to heaven but also that we may live heaven on earth (experiencing heaven now.)  This is why he directed us to pray “Your will be done on earth, as it in heaven.” Your will manifest on the earth. “Your kingdom come, your will be done.”  I’m here to tell you the kingdom of heaven is on earth, most importantly it is within us and all around us, we are meant to participate in this spiritual realm of manifestation. We are meant to be co-creators of our reality with Divine Love. This is the basis of my work, to help you consciously co-create the exciting and fulfilling life you are meant to live.  Heaven On Earth.