Just Who and What, Are Angels?



If you are beginning your spiritual journey, you may wonder “Just who and what are angels, exactly?”  It’s obvious spiritual people of all faiths believe in them. But are angels not mere creatures of fantasy and folklore, fat babies playing harps on clouds or something people become in the after life?  If they’re real, why would they speak to us insignificant humans?  As an Angel Medium (meaning I intuitively channel communication from the spiritual realm – specifically angels) I want to offer you my inside perspective on these mysterious beings. I hope to answer questions you may have and bring insight. I can only share from my personal reality, experiential knowledge and what I know to be true. I’ve experienced countless miracles throughout my fifty years and have known the angels in a real and powerful way most of my life (not just a hopeful “I want to believe in angels” but a knowing.)  This has been my reality, from infancy into my adult years.  So from this perspective I share, humbly and with deep gratitude.

Everyone is capable of perceiving the unseen reality because we are all spiritual beings, first and foremost. Who we truly are transcends our earthly bodies and is influenced by the realm of spirit. We are all born with spiritual gifts, some develop over time, while some of us were born with our spiritual sensitivity and gifts developed. We are known as Sensitives, Empaths or Psychics. Like all natural born Sensitives, I’m mediumistic. I channel only the heavenly realm, Holy Spirit and the angels – my connection especially strong with the Archangels. Therefore I call myself an Angel Medium. The term Angel Intuitive is also commonly used, or Angel Practitioner, to describe readers and healers who work with angels. Yes angels truly love to participate in readings and the healing arts, to assist us spiritually, mentally and physically (in all possible ways.)

They love to communicate and make themselves known to humanity.

Holy angels absolutely enjoy connecting with us and making themselves known yet never seek our worship (angelolatry.)  Their most fervent purpose and desire is to help us experience relationship with God, to guide us into true knowledge and worship of the Divine.

Thousands have experienced encounters with angels, divine interventions, mystical visitations, signs and wonders but also gentle messages whispered to the intuition. With all that said, I can honestly tell you they are absolutely real…not fantastical creatures of mythical folklore nor fantasy. They belong to the realm of the paranormal, the spiritual reality.

Every human is capable of experiencing angels.

It’s too easy to dismiss the spiritual experiences of others as delusion or fantasy, to have an open mind takes wisdom and discernment.  An open mind is intelligence exploring reality. As an energy reader (Empath) I have especially strong spiritual discernment, meaning the gift to discern between that which is true or false, dark or light, illness (delusion) fantasy or reality.  I’m a balance of mystical and logical; for me “the proof must be in the pudding.”  I have to experience something for my self, to accept it as real. Having been raised in a nonspiritual environment, I was conditioned to be skeptical, raised to be scientific minded. It was confusing growing up, aware of a realm I was told didn’t exist. However the spiritual reality became too powerful for me to deny, thus I became a Truth Seeker.  You can read more about my journey of enlightenment on my Introduction page 

So, since angels are not mythical creatures…nor human beings who have passed away and been given wings and a halo, for good behavior…what are they then?





Aside from the Divine Creator, angels are the most powerful supernatural beings in existence. They were created long before our realm or humanity existed. They are loved deeply by God just as we are.  They are a completely separate species from humanity, though the Malachim and Seraphim (Archangels) often appear in human-like forms. Most are unimaginable to the human mind. There are so many species of angels, the term “angel” is only a “catch all” for these diverse beings (all extremely different from one another.)  The oldest spiritual texts of the world, in every single religion and culture, recognize the existence of angels. It’s clear from ancient scriptures, teachings and reported visitations throughout history, they have always been involved with humanity. They have always been here to guide, protect and help us. The very word “angel” means messenger of God.




Angels are interdenominational, they belong to all religions yet to none, as they are beyond religion and the limited understanding of humanity.

However the Holy Bible is an excellent study of the angels, revealing endless accounts of their interactions with humans. In fact the Bible is mainly an account of mystical encounters with angels and stories of supernaturally gifted people called by God.

Even with my profound, intimate knowledge, I am by no means an angel “expert” because there is no possible way to fully explain who angels are. The only thing humanity knows for sure, from thousands of spiritual texts and countless records of miraculous encounters, is that holy angels are in service to Divine Love. Angels are devoted to helping humanity on a personal, global, universal and multi-dimensional level. They became our divine protectors, also caretakers of this earth. Without the angels we wouldn’t be here.





As for human souls: our loved ones also visit us from the other side. In this respect we may call them our “angels” but not in a literal sense. Human souls are evolving on the other side into their own unique divine being but not into angels. They often show up in a session with an Angel Medium, if their communication is needed and important. However Angel Mediums are not foremost Bereavement Mediums, they mainly work with angels, not departed loved ones.  Some Angel Mediums do both angel readings and bereavement readings. I’m always open to loved ones stepping forward; I never seek after human spirits but receive all souls brought by the angels (this is not determined by me.)  It’s truly an honor to help those on the other side.  The angels care for all souls, here and beyond this physical realm.




As mentioned, my strongest connection is with the Archangels, though I also work with the Malachim. The Malachim are involved in caring for humanity, all of creation and it’s creatures. Most angelic beings come and go between earth and the heavenly dimensions, however there are Malachim who serve as guardians (more than one) always present with us on earth. Every human has many personal angels assigned to them, not only one. They chose to be your spiritual guardians before your birth. They love you immensely as your ardent protectors and guides. Our guardian angels watch over us our entire lives, keeping us safe, guiding us in all our ways and bringing enlightenment.

Guardians and all of the angelic kingdom, are under the authority of the Archangels. They are the princes of heaven, also rulers of other realms. Archangels also serve as personal guardians and guides for Lightworkers (those who are gifted to do spiritual work.) There are many species of angels and powerful spiritual entities, which humanity knows nothing of.  I can only share from my limited human experience, what I have known to be true (though much knowledge about the angelic realm has been imparted to me by the angels, directly.)  Even so, working with the angels for many years, I can tell you “the more we know…the more we realize how little we know!” Angels are far more than anyone could possibly explain. What we do know is unspeakably wonderful. It’s both humbling and an honor knowing them to the degree (the little) I do.  Angels desire to communicate because indeed you are significant. You are loved, beyond all human comprehension. You are beyond precious and cherished by your Divine creator, therefore also by the heavenly hosts who serve him.




They bring spiritual awareness, guiding us into deeper Truth. They help us ascend in higher consciousness. They whisper to our intuition and also impart wisdom from God. They not only communicate messages through Angel readings, mediums or healers but often speak through children, also strangers who seem to appear “out of no where” with a message and vanish as quickly.  As shape shifters, angels often manifest in physical forms as humans or animals. Also in dreams they take on a human or animal form which converse with you and always have significance (the person or animal/totem they appear as.)  They always bring an important message. Angels manifest signs of their presence in quite dramatic ways, at times, such as music coming from no apparent source, some see feathers appear out of no where, tongues of fire appear mid air or lights shimmer in the atmosphere, a bright figure in your peripheral vision or in photos and videos. Not all encounters are dramatic. Often angels come as that still small voice, whispering God’s guidance through intuition (though their “whisper” is strong and there’s no doubt it’s real.) When you hear from an angel, you know it.




It’s likely you’ve had many encounters in your lifetime (some inexplicable encounters may be making more sense now.)  Undeniably there has been supernatural intervention, at times aware you were in danger, other times completely unaware. However we all have free will and there are times they cannot intervene because of our choices. Angels desire only to deliver us from harm but can’t work against our free will if we choose darkness (harmful ways.)  Even so, they always work behind the scenes to help us in every possible way, with unconditional love. Their love is only a reflection of God’s passionate will to bless, protect and care for us, to help us become all we were created to be. Our divine creator is in love with us and desires us to know Him in a real, tangible way.  The greatest desire of angels is to help facilitate this love relationship, guiding us ever closer to the Divine. How wonderful we may also know our angelic guardians and guides.

Our angels laugh with us, weep with us, comfort us and celebrate important moments with us. And at the end our lives, they carry our very soul, helping us pass safely from this world into our new spiritual state. That’s how deeply God loves us. We are never, ever alone.
© AngelSabbashini/2016